A chatbot that answers like your agents

Offer a humanized conversational experience. Our deep learning technologies allow our Chatbots to understand your customers' questions and answer them with relevance. Forget decision trees and incompetent chatbots.
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Plug n' Play

Our proprietary technology is instantly effective without setup. The no-code interface facilitates a smooth deployment in a few minutes.


Say goodbye to decision trees! Move to dynamic and clever dialogue management. Our chatbots understand what your customers ask and answer with relevant informations.


Our chatbots learn from their mistakes and improve after each conversation. Identify automation opportunities efficiently.

AI Chatbots Solution

Don't keep your customers waiting


No-code platform

A business-oriented solution

designed for CX experts

A no-code interface that lets you design, deploy and grow your chatbot. Forget about decision trees. Let our artificial intelligence handle simple or complex queries.

"Our proprietary technology is unique in the industry and provides enhanced performance from day one."
Matthieu Bietry

Why Tolk?


-38 %

of incoming calls after 1 month on average


82 %

automated requests after 4 months on average

Real estate


of emails after 1 month on average

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Automation & Agent handover

Assess, answer, triage,

with artificial intelligence

Leverage technology designed to automatically process and answer your customers' queries. Too complex? The Chatbot categorizes and route the query to the most qualified agent or opens a support ticket.

"Your chatbot recognizes when a user is unsatisfied and automatically routes them to an agent, regardless of the reason for their unsatisfaction".
Ulysses Bottello
Product Manager
Chatbot Insurances opening support tickets

Connect your ecosystem

Our solutions seamlessly interface with your ecosystem to deliver a personalized user experience, or simply to automate selected business processes. Use native connectors or use our API manager to connect any web services.


Still in doubt?

We provide our clients with sector knowledge bases enabling them to deploy a first version of their chatbot in a few minutes. After the first imported batch, our solution spot new questions that can be automated. Add an answer or skill to enhance the power of your chatbot.

Expect 1 to 2 days of design for your chatbot. Greeting message, disambiguation message, agent handover, as many elements that you can set up very simply from our no-code interface. The deployment of the webchat or on a third party application (messenger, Whatsapp, Teams, ...) can be done in a few seconds. Our team will help you in this step.

Our automated language processing (NLP) technology is not language dictionary-sensitive. In addition to the user-friendly features, this allows our chatbots to natively understand any language, alphabets and business jargon, without effort or specific development.

Our R&D work has enabled us to design a technology for automated processing of hybrid language, requiring no prior training. This is why our solutions are said to be plug n' play, and can only be used quickly with classic NLP technology.