Engage, convert and retain your customers by shifting to live chat.

Live-chat from your website, a customer area or an messaging app, offer a seamless customer experience. Improve dialogue management using artificial intelligence and native automation capabilities.

Plug n' Play

Deploy live chat in a few minutes on your website, messaging app or customer area. Manage all your channels within the same interface.


Our technology recommends relevant answers to your agents. Improve your customer satisfaction and reduce your agents' turn-over impact on your customer satisfaction.


Enhance your agents' skills by assigning them only the most complex queries. Let the Chatbot take care of the rest.

Live-chat solution

Empower your team to answer instantly

channel agents_2

Multi-channel solution

A single agent interface

multiple contact channels

Take advantage of a single solution to handle all the customers' touch points. Messaging, Website, Mobile App, Social Networks, engage your customers wherever they are.

Personalized experience

Contextualized answers,

personalize your support

Conversations history, context tracking, customer data access. Provide all the data that your agents need to deliver a premium support.

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Hybrid Solution

Grow your Chatbot

from your agents' answers

Leverage your agents' actions to automate them in Bot. A better understanding of your customers' queries helps improve your productivity and create synergies between your Chatbot and your agents.


Connect your ecosystem

Our solutions seamlessly interface with your ecosystem to deliver a personalized user experience, or simply to automate selected business processes. Use native connectors or use our API manager to connect any web services.


Still in doubt?

Our software solutions save your agents' time, either by reducing the number of incoming calls or emails. The easy-to-use solution coupled with native automation features allow your agents to focus on what’s important.

Allow 10 to 15 minutes. Deployment is quick and easy. From your tag manager, paste our tag and voilà. It's deployed! The configuration of your messaging channels is done from a no-code interface, without effort or technical skills. Our teams will accompany you in this step.

Both solutions are independent and can be used separately. Nevertheless, our solutions are natively compatible and complementary. To surpass your objectives, we recommend the coupled use of our two solutions.

Our CX experts will support you in all phases of your project. From the conversational flows design to the optimisation, our team stay by your side to help you achieve your goals.

Our native integrations allow you to connect Agent to the most popular CRMs on the market. If you can't find what you're looking for, our team will take care of it for you.