Chatbots boost customer service productivity

Productivity vs. Expertise: the advantages of chatbots

Many companies still consider their customer service as a burden without valuing the numerous business opportunities it could generate. Contrary to what one might think, it is now crucial to consider it as a real profit centre. Chatbots can significantly improve the performance of customer services when they embed artificial intelligence.

chatbot real estate

Rental management: go straight to the Bot!

Launching a real estate chatbot has never been so simple and obvious. Far from being a luxury, automated tenant assistance is seen as an innovative tool for digital rental management. It is interactive and allows the real estate professional to get closer to his customers by providing immediate answers and solutions.

Chatbot on instagram to automate customer service

Chatbot Instagram: how to boost your business?

Selfcare is at the centre of all customer relationship strategies for companies of all sizes. Driven by a growing desire for customer autonomy, but also by consumer habits, selfcare is today evolving thanks to new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence.

Chatbots vs. FAQs - selfcare first and foremost

FAQ vs. Chatbots: what your customers want!

Selfcare is at the centre of all customer relationship strategies for companies of all sizes. Driven by a growing desire for customer autonomy, but also by consumer habits, selfcare is today evolving thanks to new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence.

chatbot pitfalls to avoid before launching a project

To read before launching a chatbot !

When the machine understands man

To read before launching a chatbot !

The future is in the bots! They represent without a doubt the biggest digital revolution for brands since the advent of social networks. Whether you use a third party or you are starting to develop your chatbot, read this article carefully. It may save you time, a lot of time...

How to make a chatbot ?

More and more companies are facing this issue. Convinced by the many advantages chatbots have to offer, companies want to know how to create them. There are many possibilities and ways to do so. Although Google is in a position to give you thousands of articles on how to develop a chatbots, tips and the many tools you'll need, there are, unfortunately, still some common mistakes that persist among companies wishing to create chatbots. Here are a few of them.

1. Believe that it is impossible to create a chatbot.

When you think of chatbot, you can imagine that it will have to respond to a billion requests. That the application to its business is too complex. Or that the experience will inevitably be disappointing.

One immediately thinks of artificial intelligence and its difficult development processes. To create a chatbot then seems complicated, too complicated or even impossible.

But is that really the case? Of course it isn't. There are just a few things to keep in mind when you start creating a chatbot.

80% of mobile applications are doomed to disappear in favour of chatbots.

There are two ways to do this.

Use platforms intended for novices ( Chatfuel type). They allow non-developers to create a simple bot without coding and in a few hours. These platforms are mainly used to validate POC (proof of concept), or to build simple bots for small communities.

Entrust the design and development to a specialized third party (such as The Chatbot Factory). This option allows to create complex conversational experiences, connected to several data sources (customer data / CRM / cold data / ...). The prospects of personalization and the accuracy of the answers make up a better customer experience.

Finally, it is important to understand the technical mechanics behind any chatbot. Let's take the example of a Facebook Messenger bot. First a server application (the bot) receives messages from users. These messages are passed to the NLP (natural language processing) which extracts meaning and sends it to the bot. The bot sends back a response to the user that can be a simple sentence or a more structured response such as product data, photos, lists etc ...

2. Forgetting that the behaviour of chatbot is a vector of its success

What makes a chatbot effective? People like to communicate with chatbots for two reasons: the simplicity of use and the speed of resolution of their problem.

When the machine understands man

The challenge around the popularization of bots is not necessarily technical limitations, but rather your ability to design a simple, intuitive and value-creating experience in a natural language conversation.

Do not underestimate the structure of the conversation (the tone and style of the expressions used, the formats used, ...). The aim is to create (positive) emotion during the experience.

When the machine understands man

3. Neglecting flow in dialogue.

When the machine understands man

The chatbots are still new. Many of us have already tried the most popular chatbots, however the majority are still eager to understand what a chatbot really is and how it can be used. It is therefore crucial to put a strong emphasis on this part. It is vital for its success that the user immediately understands the interest and usefulness of your chatbot.

"Start with the why! " - Simon Sinek

To create the right dialogue flows it is necessary to understand the difference between linear and non-linear dialogues.

When the machine understands man

To make a long story short, the main purpose of linear dialogues is to collect the information needed to take action, whereas non-linear dialogues depend on user responses. It is by designating efficient and effective dialog flows that developers will be able to ensure user satisfaction in their interactions with the sculpin. This is conversational UX.

4. Choosing the wrong platform to broadcast sound chatbot

Only once you have perfectly defined the main purpose of your chatbot will you be on the right track to choose the right platform. By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the different platforms, you will find the one that will meet all your requirements.

Create a bot on messenger and you can potentially reach all the people who want this type of interaction among 900 million users. The main advantages of creating a bot on messenger are simplified access to all users and the ability to use powerful tools to better manage the complexity of conversational experiences in the many possible contexts.

Telegram is also an interesting platform to develop its chatbot. This platform has also been chosen by Forbes and BBC. One of the main advantages of Telegram is to give the user a quality experience. The communication is super simple and the user does not have to type anything, he can use very simply personalized buttons.

Slack chatbots are highly appreciated by companies or startups. Their mainly analytical advantages are the monitoring of the activity by a chatbot, project management, collaboration and improvement of the daily life of the collaborators... Considering the advantages of this platform, one will soon be able to find a slackbot for everything.

When the machine understands man

5. Neglecting the test phase

The test phase is the most important moment, it's the moment when all the chatbots' functionalities are checked and therefore its value. It's in this phase that we will have to find errors, analyse the user experience and understand how to make chatbot even better than it is. Do A/B testing on small groups of testers and the developers will see the errors and solve the problems that appear before chatbot is released.

The learning curve of a chatbot varies according to its complexity. However, it is this phase that will bring the best results. It is impossible to create the perfect chatbot from the start. You have to work carefully on the program, the project development and especially the UX. These steps take time but are the keys to the implementation of a perfect chatbot .

When the machine understands man

It is by avoiding these different points that companies will save time and money by developing efficient chatbots.

Chatbots technology is developing every day. At The Chatbot Factory, we are happy to be among the French pioneers in this field.

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towards the end of mobile applications

80% of mobile applications will disappear in 5 years.

80% of mobile applications will disappear in 5 years.

Since their launch in 2008, mobile applications have created a strong ecosystem. This windfall is still feeding profits for many advertising and m-commerce players who are also associated with them. Eight years later, the mobile application market has reached saturation point and a large number of brands are already looking for a sustainable, differentiating replacement on which they can quickly emerge.

While the App Store and Google Play have respectively 1.5 million and 2 million applications online, the number of applications downloaded, installed and used continues to decrease...

It will be more and more complicated in the future for a brand to differentiate itself by launching yet another app on the blinds.

The numbers speak for themselves. In the last year, among 15 mobile application giants, only UBER and SnapChat have seen an increase, while all the other players have seen a significant drop in the number of downloads of their applications over the last year.

The Chatbot Factory, the first agency specializing in mailboxes

In order to understand this decrease, we need to observe the behaviour of users. On average, 85% of the time a user spends on his phone is spent on native applications, installed from a blind. Most of this time is spread over only 5 native applications.

Our phone is already full of applications and we've stopped downloading new ones.

This top 5 varies from one user to another, some spend more time playing, others on social networks or messaging applications but among the more than one million applications available, only 30 of them are in the top 5 users.

And if new apps are increasingly difficult to break through is that users are no longer looking for novelty, they are 23% to abandon an app after only one use ...

Brands are faced with users who are increasingly demanding and who are no longer looking for novelty in ultra-saturated awnings.

The days when you could break into the market with an application are completely over.

However, the future of applications remains very paradoxical. It is not the applications that are decreasing but their download rate. Thus it is the mastodons who are becoming more and more dominant and for them applications remain a sure value because they represent about 85% of the usage time of a smartphone.

For other brands, mobile applications are no longer efficient vectors of customer relations. And it is out of necessity to replace mobile applications, for the survival and improvement of their customer relations that brands will have to bet everything on chatbots!

Within 5 years the bots will be mainstream and will have replaced 80% of the applications.

While up to now they have been rather disappointing in their performance, the huge advances in artificial intelligence technologies have allowed bots to demonstrate their usefulness.

Will chatbots replace humans? Read the article

With the bots we are going to put an end to the "one service/one application" customer relationship models. Given the progress of these conversational agents, it is already possible to foresee a near future where users will be able to access everyday services instantly (without having to download an application) via messaging platforms.

The Chatbot Factory, the first agency specializing in mailboxes

Thus the user will be relieved of all the constraints that hampered him in the use of mobile applications, namely downloading from a store, creating an account, password ...

In addition to removing these constraints, bots will offer the consumer an easy monitoring of content, without the irrelevance and intrusiveness of push notification systems that often only create an angry desire to delete the application...

The Chatbot Factory, the first agency specializing in mailboxes

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Chatbot ideas

11 chatbots ideas to get your business off the ground!

11 chatbots ideas to get your business off the ground!

Chatbots are coming to all conversational platforms: Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack, Kik, WeChat, Skype and many more...

Everyone agrees that bots will gradually replace apps, because they offer several advantages:

  • a single source code compatible on all platforms,
  • light and inexpensive maintenance,
  • a personalized, frictionless, download-free user experience,
  • a powerful business lever (up- / X-sell, partnership),
  • a tool for collecting personalized, contextualized and geo-localized customer data.

On Messenger alone, more than 10,000 bots are being created since April 2016, for an audience of 900 million users.

Here are 11 bots concepts to boost your business, simply and quickly:


Soccer! A subject that fascinates, that animates, that generates debate.

Imagine a bot capable of providing a calendar of all the games in a championship, with schedules and channels, live player stats, team rankings and expert analysis. But also have the ability to bet live from the chat interface and order home delivered food.


Louis Vuitton has already released its City Guide with all the hot spots in the world's most chic capitals. But why not create the first virtual concierge?

This is Henrii, your personal concierge. From Whatsapp, organize your travels, book your accommodations and your outings. Take advantage of the best plans according to your desires and requests. Going out without Henrii, you won't even think about it!


What if it were possible to seek the advice of a specialist at the slightest health issue? But it is often complicated and time-consuming to find a specialist with an attentive ear, capable of answering a simple question immediately.

I present Doctobot, a bot messenger capable of offering a pre-diagnosis based on a series of precise questions, with the possibility of sending photos to follow up on a human diagnosis. The bot embeds a content recommendation part, based on the semantics of the discussion. The bot proposes to go as far as the diagnosis, by calling a relevant specialist according to the results of the pre-diagnosis. All you have to do is make an appointment from the chat interface.


Your customers are eager for advice, on the lookout for the latest trends. In their hearts, you are just another salesman. Why not offer them your expert advice? Why not become their very own Cristina Cordula?

This is possible with a bot capable of proposing fashion articles according to behavioral data recorded from your e-commerce platform, or your mobile application. You can also enrich your customer knowledge by proposing articles that are supposed to correspond to them, and see their reactions. Give them a unique and ultra-personalized experience.


It is always difficult for your customers to choose the right products from your range. But also to find out which products are right for them. There is only one solution according to you: in-store diagnostics.

But have you ever thought of offering a digital experience, similar to a shop advice, from Facebook Messenger? Your advice bot will allow all your targets to discover your products and get beauty advice based on the results of its personalized diagnosis. After a few questions, your customer will have no more secrets for you. All that remains is for your bot to propose the right products and the right advice. A few weeks after the purchase, all you have to do is collect your customer's opinions, to suggest alternatives or complements.

Large-scale distribution

You notice that many of your customers find it difficult to vary their diet, and you want to fight junk food by offering a simple and practical experience around the kitchen. A bot can help you! Let me introduce Chef Jean, who offers you to create simple recipes, using ingredients that are available at home. Step by step, he assists you, advises you, and answers your questions. Objective: to propose simple, balanced and quick recipes.

Job search

You are a job search professional, and you centralize a large number of ads on behalf of your clients. Unfortunately, your platform has a very low success rate, and you think that supply does not always effectively meet demand.

A match-making bot can be the solution. After a series of questions, the bot draws up a precise portrait of the candidate, and proposes advertisements that are likely to please him/her. By validating or rejecting the ads, the client informs the bot of his wish and the criteria that are decisive for him. Your conversion rate increases, and your successful candidates recommend your service because it is personalized, fast and relevant.


Your customers don't want to spend time on your search or booking interfaces...

A bot can take over, and enrich the experience from the search to the welcome on site. Propose to centralize all the information inherent to the trip: access, confirmation, reception, parking, orientation in the hotel, proposed services, restaurant reservations, destination maps, outings and entertainment available during the stay, 24/7 assistance, room service and customer feedback.

This is a golden opportunity for you to get closer to your customers, and to better understand their expectations in terms of benefits, services and support.


You own a restaurant. During the summer months you are overwhelmed, the tables are always full but you can't afford to hire extra waiters... The waiting time of your customers during these periods is about 25min and an overworked waiter has a higher probability to make an order mistake.

A chatbot might be the solution. Customers could order quickly from their tables and even pay the bill. For your waiters and your customers the benefit would be enormous. Customers could be served with low waiting times, without missing orders and without having to wait for the server to be available.

Gardening / DIY

You want to start a vegetable garden, only you don't have a green thumb... How do you do it?

Greenbot will remind you when to water, when to change the soil and all the other good tips so that this year you can finally eat tomatoes that have grown in your garden.


You like good wine but you don't really know much about it. At the supermarket you never know which one to choose without breaking the bank.

Don't panic, the Winebot accompanies you with practical information about the wines on the shelf.

If you can't do this, indicate a price range and the food you would like to accompany it, chatbot will give you the list of suitable wines (or the relevant grape varieties / blends) and advice on how to taste it.

Isn't your business listed? We can help you!