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Do beyond a low-tech chatbot - your customers deserve better!

Choose a customer service automation platform that can handle all pre- and post-sales requests. Fueled by our Generative AI, meet their needs efficiently while offering white-gloves support at every stage of their journey.

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Convert, Solve, Enhance

Forget inefficient, scripted chatbots. Move into the age of intelligent automation. Powered by our proprietary reasoning engine, our chatbots will amaze you!

Generative AI

Bring your acquaintances into the conversation

Respond to your customers in an ultra-personalized way, based on information selected from your URLs or knowledge bases (doc, pdf, excel, image, ...).

PLC connectors

Add actions to your answers

Connect your webservices to trigger personalized actions in your management tools or hand over to your advisors.

Conversational analytics

Turn your conversations into business insights

What if you could make your conversational data talk? Expand your business and optimize your CX operations.

Enhanced performance at every level

Accompany your customers from the recommendation of your offers to the post-purchase experience. Combine all your sources of information and knowledge to deliver a compelling customer experience. Make the difference in your market.



Offer your customers a powerful product recommendation tool with GeniiSales.



Respond to any customer request from your documents, url or API with GeniiCare.

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Generative AI platform



Plug 'n play

Take advantage of a ready-to-use platform. Your first chatbot can be deployed in just a few minutes. Our performance analysis tools guide you in optimizing knowledge and paths.

Generative AI

Reliable & High-performance

Our generative AI models, coupled with proprietary RAG technology, guarantee reliable answers and optimized use of document sources. With our Custom Answersmodule, you're always in control.

PLC connectors


Deploy your chatbot on your website, customer area, mobile application or on the main messaging services (whatsapp, messenger, ...). Connect your webservices or existing solutions (Zendesk, Salesforce, ...) to increase your chatbot's capabilities and respond to more customer requests.


Compliant & Secure

In partnership with Microsoft France, your data is stored in an Azure France environment. Your data is partitioned and secured to the highest market standards. We also offer a higher level of security with our SecNumCloud offering.

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