Provide white-gloves customer experience with Conversational AI

The best companies respond to their customers' requests instantly, 24/7. Our AI-powered chatbots and live-chat solutions put a smile on your customers' faces.
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100+ companies use to provide premium customer service, with ease.

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Your customers are valuable.

Give them what they want!

Unleash the potential of your teams

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"70% of requests processed automatically at launch, 95% after 3 months

Rémi Husson, Responsible for customer experience at Feu Vert

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Live-chat & Messaging

Transform your agents

into customer service rockstars

Simplify and accelerate the resolution of live-chat, email or messaging requests. Improve the productivity of your customer service agents with AI that anticipates responses to your customers.

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AI Chatbots

Automate the processing of

70% of customer requests

Deploy a chatbot capable of automatically responding to your customers, or qualifying a request for referral to your customer service agents. Our artificial intelligence allows your chatbot to offer a humanised management of the conversation. Quick to deploy, your chatbot is enriched with unanswered requests.


Bring in your tools

in conversation

Create a ticket in Zendesk, retrieve a delivery status in Shipup, send information in Salesforce, ... Use our native connectors to create synergies between all your tools. Create smarter automation paths and make your customer support more efficient. 

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Conversational analytics

Anticipate expectations

of your customers

Understand your customers' behaviours simply and improve the handling of their requests. Conversion, shopping cart abandonment, support requests, opening a support ticket, identify automation paths and define the associated paths. The best way to improve your customer satisfaction.

Privacy & Security guarantees the security of your users' data in compliance with European data protection standards (RGPD). Our data is transmitted and hosted in Europe. We apply encryption and anonymization principles to ensure the highest level of security for your data.

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