Continuous improvement

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Understand your customers' behaviors simply and improve the way you handle their requests. Conversion, shopping cart abandonment, support requests, opening a support ticket, identify automation avenues and define the associated paths. By quantifying the impact of our solution, you'll have the keys to increasing customer satisfaction.


Anticipate your customers' needs


Take a quick look at the health of your customer service department and recover its levers for improvement, trends and opportunities.


Analytics measures our entire ecosystem. Chatbot and livechat data will be combined to give you a global view of your customer service.


Quantify bot-generated opportunities and get closer to your users. Understand your customers by analyzing the most frequently requested requests.


Measure the performance of our solution

Observe the rate of automation achieved by the chatbot and your agents. Examine the questions that generate escalation, your users' conversation paths, or the most activated questions.


Measure customer satisfaction

Use analytics to measure customer satisfaction, CSAT and reasons for dissatisfaction. You'll also be able to observe satisfaction with the automated bot experience (global conversation or question by question) and human satisfaction with your agents.

Reasons for request

Find out more about the new grounds for application

Identify and observe the mapping of popular new patterns of customer requests. Take advantage of automation and triage opportunities. Analytics requires no human assistance, so you'll be able to react faster.

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