To read before launching a chatbot !

chatbot pitfalls to avoid before launching a project
When the machine understands man

To read before launching a chatbot !

The future is in the bots! They represent without a doubt the biggest digital revolution for brands since the advent of social networks. Whether you use a third party or you are starting to develop your chatbot, read this article carefully. It may save you time, a lot of time...

How to make a chatbot ?

More and more companies are facing this issue. Convinced by the many advantages chatbots have to offer, companies want to know how to create them. There are many possibilities and ways to do so. Although Google is in a position to give you thousands of articles on how to develop a chatbots, tips and the many tools you'll need, there are, unfortunately, still some common mistakes that persist among companies wishing to create chatbots. Here are a few of them.

1. Believe that it is impossible to create a chatbot.

When you think of chatbot, you can imagine that it will have to respond to a billion requests. That the application to its business is too complex. Or that the experience will inevitably be disappointing.

One immediately thinks of artificial intelligence and its difficult development processes. To create a chatbot then seems complicated, too complicated or even impossible.

But is that really the case? Of course it isn't. There are just a few things to keep in mind when you start creating a chatbot.

80% of mobile applications are doomed to disappear in favour of chatbots.

There are two ways to do this.

Use platforms intended for novices ( Chatfuel type). They allow non-developers to create a simple bot without coding and in a few hours. These platforms are mainly used to validate POC (proof of concept), or to build simple bots for small communities.

Entrust the design and development to a specialized third party (such as The Chatbot Factory). This option allows to create complex conversational experiences, connected to several data sources (customer data / CRM / cold data / ...). The prospects of personalization and the accuracy of the answers make up a better customer experience.

Finally, it is important to understand the technical mechanics behind any chatbot. Let's take the example of a Facebook Messenger bot. First a server application (the bot) receives messages from users. These messages are passed to the NLP (natural language processing) which extracts meaning and sends it to the bot. The bot sends back a response to the user that can be a simple sentence or a more structured response such as product data, photos, lists etc ...

2. Forgetting that the behaviour of chatbot is a vector of its success

What makes a chatbot effective? People like to communicate with chatbots for two reasons: the simplicity of use and the speed of resolution of their problem.

When the machine understands man

The challenge around the popularization of bots is not necessarily technical limitations, but rather your ability to design a simple, intuitive and value-creating experience in a natural language conversation.

Do not underestimate the structure of the conversation (the tone and style of the expressions used, the formats used, ...). The aim is to create (positive) emotion during the experience.

When the machine understands man

3. Neglecting flow in dialogue.

When the machine understands man

The chatbots are still new. Many of us have already tried the most popular chatbots, however the majority are still eager to understand what a chatbot really is and how it can be used. It is therefore crucial to put a strong emphasis on this part. It is vital for its success that the user immediately understands the interest and usefulness of your chatbot.

"Start with the why! " - Simon Sinek

To create the right dialogue flows it is necessary to understand the difference between linear and non-linear dialogues.

When the machine understands man

To make a long story short, the main purpose of linear dialogues is to collect the information needed to take action, whereas non-linear dialogues depend on user responses. It is by designating efficient and effective dialog flows that developers will be able to ensure user satisfaction in their interactions with the sculpin. This is conversational UX.

4. Choosing the wrong platform to broadcast sound chatbot

Only once you have perfectly defined the main purpose of your chatbot will you be on the right track to choose the right platform. By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the different platforms, you will find the one that will meet all your requirements.

Create a bot on messenger and you can potentially reach all the people who want this type of interaction among 900 million users. The main advantages of creating a bot on messenger are simplified access to all users and the ability to use powerful tools to better manage the complexity of conversational experiences in the many possible contexts.

Telegram is also an interesting platform to develop its chatbot. This platform has also been chosen by Forbes and BBC. One of the main advantages of Telegram is to give the user a quality experience. The communication is super simple and the user does not have to type anything, he can use very simply personalized buttons.

Slack chatbots are highly appreciated by companies or startups. Their mainly analytical advantages are the monitoring of the activity by a chatbot, project management, collaboration and improvement of the daily life of the collaborators... Considering the advantages of this platform, one will soon be able to find a slackbot for everything.

When the machine understands man

5. Neglecting the test phase

The test phase is the most important moment, it's the moment when all the chatbots' functionalities are checked and therefore its value. It's in this phase that we will have to find errors, analyse the user experience and understand how to make chatbot even better than it is. Do A/B testing on small groups of testers and the developers will see the errors and solve the problems that appear before chatbot is released.

The learning curve of a chatbot varies according to its complexity. However, it is this phase that will bring the best results. It is impossible to create the perfect chatbot from the start. You have to work carefully on the program, the project development and especially the UX. These steps take time but are the keys to the implementation of a perfect chatbot .

When the machine understands man

It is by avoiding these different points that companies will save time and money by developing efficient chatbots.

Chatbots technology is developing every day. At The Chatbot Factory, we are happy to be among the French pioneers in this field.

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